Terms and Conditions & Code of Practice


• The Market Manager will assign location of stalls prior to the day of the market, and his/her decision is final. Stalls should be clearly labelled with the business name. Tables and chairs are not provided by us, you must bring your own. If claiming ‘organic’ or similar certification, a copy of the certificate and supporting documents must be displayed on your stall.

• The stallholder must be dressed in clean and suitably presentable clothing, appropriate for the prevailing climate. Smoking at the stall and within the market environs is strictly prohibited.

• Transportation of produce to market ensure that vehicle/s and containers are suitable for the task and meet hygiene standards e.g. avoiding the cross contamination of food for consumption.

• ‘Open food’ stalls will be provided with water access throughout the market.

• Stalls must be kept clean, tidy and free from hazards. The stallholder will clean up any spillage. Stallholders are responsible for removing their own rubbish at the end of the day. Please leave your stall area the way you found it.

• Stalls must be ready for trading by when the market opens. We will be at the market approx. 2-3 hours prior the opening time on the first day, and, in case that the event is a two day event, two hours prior the opening time on the second day.

• Packing up should not begin before market closure to the public. Even if stallholders sell out, they must remain at the market until closing as it affects the look of the market overall i.e. treat it as an opportunity to promote produce and business.

• Antisocial behaviour will mean instant dismissal from the market.

• No responsibility is taken by the organisers for theft, loss or damage. Stallholders are responsible for their own stall security and monies.

• The stallholder is responsible for the safety of their stall, and agrees to set items up in a safe and secure manner to avoid any mishaps.

• Advertising, promotional materials, flyers, etc: All stallholders may hand out advertising or promotional material at their designated stall. The advertising/promotional material may only related to the products on sale at that stall. Stallholders and their representatives are at no time permitted to distribute advertising or promotional material outside of their stall area (i.e. walking around the venue and handing out flyers). A breach of this condition will result in the stallholder being requested to leave the venue.

Refund policy:

• Refund Policy: 50% refund up to 3 weeks before market date, and after that there will be no refund. Malta Artisan Markets will not refund stall hire fees paid in the case of cancellation of market due to factors out of our control or in the case of instant dismissal from the market.

• Malta Artisan Markets accepts no responsibility for any transaction entered into in the Market enclosure.

• Malta Artisan Markets accepts no responsibility for the sale of the stallholder’s items or costs incurred from leftover stock. It is the stallholder’s exclusive responsibility to ensure that they are in line with all legal requirements with regards the sale of such items.

• Malta Artisan Markets reserves the right to decide or arbitrate any dispute arising out of or in the course of the conduct of the Market.

• Malta Artisan Markets accept no liability for the loss or damage of any kind suffered by any person who enters the Market area and all persons who enter the Market area do so at their own risk.

• The Stallholder agrees to indemnify and holds harmless The Definitive(ly) Good Guide Co, organisers of the Malta Artisan Markets and the Venue against all claims for damages or injury to the property or person of any persons or expense in respect of any claim by any such person arising out of negligence on the part of the stall holder or their agents or servants during the Market activity.

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