Robbie Mazzaro

Name: Robbie Mazzaro Company name: Ro Art Ceramics Brief description of my product: I produce mainly a variety of home decor starting from big pieces such as wall hangings, bowls, tiles, plant decors to small necklaces and pendants. Every piece is hand built working with different clays (earthenware, white earthenware, raku clay) and different techniques using glazes and engobes mixed and developed by myself. Why I love participating in Malta Artisan Markets: It is a great opportunity to introduce myself and get to know many artists working on the island. I think sharing experiences is a priceless opportunity to improve and stimulate creativity. Robbie's little quote to inspire someone to follow their dreams: "Some men see things as they are and ask why. Others dream things that never were and ask why not." ~ George Bernard Shaw  

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Sue Mifsud

Name: Sue Mifsud Company name: Sue Mifsud Ceramics Brief description of my product: ‘Uniquely designed, Individually created’ studio ceramics. The majority of my pieces are hand thrown functional ware, including mugs, jugs, cups, bowls, lidded pots, dispensers etc. They are made in my Rabat studio, glazed with vibrant colours and added texture. I mainly work with stoneware clay and fire to cone 6 in my electric kilns. Why I love participating in Malta Artisan Markets: There is always a great atmosphere surrounding the MAMs. Visitors are friendly and inquisitive discussing at length the work you create, and other stall holders make you feel part of a close social group. Lengthy hours in the studio on my own culminate with these events and they give me an opportunity to lift my head above ground for some audience feedback. Sue's little quote to inspire someone to follow their dreams: Stop thinking about it, and do it, what’s the worst that can happen? View Sue Mifsud Ceramics online shop

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