Jewellery by Louisa

Louisa Borg

  1. Rose quartz bracelet: Rose quartz and carnelian silver plated bracelet.   Euro 16.00

  1. Druzy bracelet: Druzy and grey jade gold plated bracelet.   Euro 16.70.

  1. Snowflake earrings: Snowflake and Garnet sterling silver earrings,price Euro 19.50

  1. Christmas bells earrings: Christmas bells and carnelian silver plated earrings.     Euro 12.00.

  1. The Green Agate ring: Green agate silver plated wire ring.   Euro 6.50.

  1. The Pine Cone necklace: Pine cone and smoky quartz sterling silver necklace.      Euro 25.00

  1. The Garnet ring: Garnet silver plated wire ring, price Euro 6.50.

  1. Liberty Print bracelet: Liberty print bracelet with charms, price Euro 14.00,

  1. The lapis lazuli ring: Lapis lazuli silver plated wire ring, price Euro 6.50

All Deliveries will be  made by post