Name: Sam Minkovski

Company name: BoboStar

Brief description of my product:

BoboStar’s range of jewellery and home décor holds more meaning than meets the eye. Each piece is symbolic, and the use of crystals are tailored to find the perfect balance to suit the individual, while being original and fashionable. Charms and pendants, have symbolic meanings that are reflective of Sam’s fortune telling cards (She also is a professional tarot reader). Her aim is to design and create beautiful pieces as well as help and guide people forwards.

The brand is massively inspired by the magic of Peter Pan. In love with the concept of Neverland, Pirates, Fairies and Mermaids, you will often see the stories design influence shine through in her pieces. Her Rediscovering Forgotten Treasure Collection, sees to the recycling of items that people take for granted, and telling the individual history of each component that creates a masterpiece.
For those looking for advice on the best piece for you or your friend, Custom orders are available. Please message through and let Sam know what kind of design/ crystal guidance you are looking for. Your concept will be tailor made to suit your needs.

Why I love participating in Malta Artisan Markets:

I love to meet and talk to new people. Those that attend the markets really appreciate the love and hard work that goes into hand made items made by the Artisans. Over the last couple of years we, as artisans have all become a strong network, and help and support each other as artists, allowing the markets to really bring us together to perform in the greatest atmosphere.

Sam’s little quote to inspire someone to follow their dreams:

Contentment, inspiration and fulfilment are found when you visualize and bring you dreams to a reality. Never give up.